Rayward's Otlet Page: Paul Otlet and Documentation

                                 W. Boyd Rayward and a portrait of Paul Otlet     

  The Universe of Information: the Work of Paul Otlet for Documentation and international Organization.

     FID Publication 520; Moscow: Published for the International Federation for Documentation by the All-Union
     Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (Viniti), 1975, 390pp.
          Russian edition:Universum informastsii Zhizn’ i deiatl’ nost’ Polia Otle.Trans.R.S. Giliarevesky. Moscow: VINITI,
            Spanish edition. El Universo de la Documentacion: la obra de Paul Otlet sobra documentacion y organizacion
                 internacional. Trans. Pilar Arnau Rived. Madrid: Universidad Complutense, 1996 (with a new  introduction by the
                 author); 2 ed 1999.    

   International Organisation and Dissemination of Knowledge. Selected Essays of Paul Otlet, Edited and
         Translated By W. Boyd Rayward. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1990.
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                Transnational Associations/Associations Transnationales
                 1 and 2, June 2003 pp.4-15.This article introduced a theme issue of this journal on Paul Otlet

    Alle Kennis Van de Werld: Het papieren internet, a documentary film created and directed by
    Ijsbrand van Veelen for the Dutch science series, Noordelicht, shown on Dutch TV Sunday, November 1,
   1998. The film is based on an account of the ideas of Paul Otlet and the fortunes of the Mundaneum,
    intended to be a great new center for international life, that Otlet and his colleagues created in Brussels at
    the end of the First World War and which recently has been re-created as a museum and archive in Mons.
    The film was built around Rayward's visit in the period October 10-17, 1998 to and comments on sites in
    Brussels important in Otlet's life and work.

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