LIS590SBD / CS598SBD Scenario-Based Design

Wednesdays 9-11:50 (Location: 1129 Siebel Building)

4 hours

Instructor: Michael Twidale

This doctoral level seminar will survey different approaches to the design and evaluation of advanced new interactive software, particularly that intended for public use. The focus will be on techniques that enable a principled exploration of a design space and how that exploration can be used to uncover important research issues and guide the development of insightful prototypes and proofs of concept.

In the seminar we will attempt to address the following questions:

The seminar will investigate scenario based design in particular as a core technique for exploring a design space. We will compare it and combine it with other high speed low cost analysis and synthesis techniques.
We will investigate how various low cost observational analytical techniques such as ethnography can be used to inform the design process.
Students will work in design teams to apply the concepts studied to particular design contexts.
There will be a range of ongoing design projects relating to novel consumer applications.
These include, but are not limited to applications of ubiquitous and mobile computing in the contexts of: museum visits, visits to historic cities, visiting and working on a university campus, integrating advanced technologies into domestic life, supporting scientific research teams in their regular work, supporting urban planning decision-making, supporting conventional office work in ways to achieve continual productivity improvements.

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