Visualizing Knowledge Networks

Prof. Michael Twidale
101 LIS Bldg.
265-0510 (phone)
244-3302 (fax)

Readings for Week 2

Gladwell (1999) Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg. ANNALS OF SOCIETY January 11, 1999 The inspiration for his book; The Tipping Point

N. Gershon and S.G. Eick, (1995) "Visualization's New Tack: Making Sense of Information," IEEE Spectrum, Nov. 1995, pp. 38-56.

Nahum D. Gershon, Stephen G. Eick, Stuart K. Card (1998) Information visualization. Interactions 5(2) 9-15 (must go into the ACM Digital Library via UIUC ORR)

Be ready to discuss these readings in class: what you found interesting, what you found confusing, other things you have read that you were reminded of, and examples or visualizations that illustrate or refute the points made.