ISMIR 2000: Updated Instructions to Presenters and Poster Participants

Greetings all:

We are planning a two-part publication regime for ISMIR 2000 which applies to both presenters and poster participants:

  1. Extended Abstracts in a "Mini-Proceedings"
  2. Full-text via the WWW

Extended Abstracts in a "Mini-Proceedings"

Each paper presenter is asked to prepare a two-page extended abstract of the paper being presented. Poster presenters also have the opportunity to use two pages for the extended abstracts but it is not as critical for the poster abstracts to use all the allotted space. Find below the style template that we would like all to use:

In Word 97 format:
In PDF format:

Detailed instructions are contained within the template documents themselves.

N.B.: Our Poster Chair, Dr. Craig Nevill-Manning <>, will be providing details concerning the formatting of the posters.

Full-text via the WWW

The second part of the regime will be the mounting of papers and materials via the WWW.  For the paper presenters, we will accept any reasonable style guidelines. Preferred file format for submission and mounting is PDF.  For poster presenters, we will accepted electronic copies of the materials presented on your posters. Again, PDF file format preferred. If PDF is out of the question, we can accept  PostScript, or Microsoft Word.

Submission Details

Please submit the documents to:

Extended Abstract Target Date: 15 September 2000 (Note: we acknowledge the delay in getting these instructions out to you.  If this deadline cannot be met please contact us to inform us as to when to expect submission).

Full-text Target Date: 15 October 2000 (We would like to have the documents mounted prior to the commencement of the symposium).

J. Stephen Downie
27 August 2000