The first PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)



Psion introduced the PDA and it became the first digital organizer. It was just a bit larger than a pack of cigarettes and had 10k of character storage. The limited storage and high cost made this unit hard to sell, and the market wasn't quite ready for it. Soon after Psion launched the Psion II which had 64k of ROM and 32k of RAM. It also had a much larger display. This was a better seller than the previous version, but they still needed a selling strategy. Soon Psion introduced the Psion 3a and it had a full 58 key keyboard and a link to computers for the transfer of information.

In 1993 Apple introduced its Newton MessagePad, and was called a major milestone of the information age. It used a touch sensitive screen to detect handwriting and convert it to text.

In 1995 US Robotics/3Com introduced the Palm Pilot and information was entered using a stylus pen and the Graffiti recognition software. The company soon used a graphical interface and desktop cradling to connect to a PC. 3Com soon became the leading seller of PDA's in the industry.

In 1999 3Com added the Palm VII to the product line and was able to connect without wires to the internet.

-Ben Belzer

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