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This bibliography is an attempt to compile a complete list of titles (in English) with gay/lesbian content, published for young adults. The content may or may not be what individual readers will consider positive; however, this list does give an excellent picture of the historical treatment of gay and lesbian characters in YA literature. I do try to update the list regularly, but very recent titles may not yet be included. If you know of earlier titles that have been overlooked, please email me with the details.

The following list is laid out in chronological order of publication, from least to most recent. A printable chronological list is available here (as a PDF). You may also access the alphabetical list (ordered by the authors' last names), which includes links to images of the cover art. The alphabetical list can be accessed by clicking on the link in this paragraph or by clicking on any title in the list on the current page (the browser will be directed to the location of that title on the alphabetical list. No new browser window will open; in order to return to this page, you will need to use your browser's "Back" button or click on the "Return to Chronological List" link at the top of the alphabetical list page.

1960s :: 1970s :: 1980s :: 1990s :: 2000s


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